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Earn credit with each order AND earn credit towards discounted and free product by

NOTE: Credit may be earned on only some items below. Check whether Customer Credit earning is operational.

1. The action of sharing our page via Facebook, Twitter or linking on your web site 

Due to our prices and margins being so low which is great for you we do not provide loyalty credit and affiliate credit at this time.  We've just made our prices extremely low.

But we would love you to share our products on facebook, twitter and google so we have a credit reward for each time you share via our social share links on the product pages. 


WHY DO WE HAVE THIS - Because we would rather reward our customers than make google and facebook more profitable by solely paying them to promote us.


NOTE: Not all features may be available or rewarded in order to earn credit.


Combined Loyalty and Affiliate Program - Get $10 to $100 off future purchases


How it works

1. Login to Our Web Site by the Login Page here and see accumulated credits

2. Login before you checkout so we can apply accumulated credits when they reach bottom limits and your cart total value reaches its threshold.


Terms and conditions

You must be logged on to achieve and redeem credits.

If you return an item/s for a refund, your credits will be adjusted accordingly.  This may mean a redeemed credit may be deducted from the refund if the return means you are no longer eligible for the credit.

Available online only. We have a loyalty program in our bricks and mortar store — customers are welcome to be members of both programs.

We reserve the right to change or terminate this program at any time without prior written notice.


Website Referral credits

If you like our products, please tell your friends and earn credits towards your own purchase the same time. 


1.  Login to Our Web Site by the Login Page here
Tip: Use the forgot password to get your login password or create an account.

2.  Click on “Referral Web Links” within your account
3.  Copy and Paste the link into your Facebook or Twitter accounts with your comments.


We take care of the rest.

Login to see how much credit you already have and to use achieved credit once you reach the minimum spend level.


For best results share your referral link regularly on you Facebook, twitter, and other social media profiles and from your web site.

It's easy to earn credit towards Products - Find Out How